Encouragement for Writers

Encouragement Sometimes when I start thinking about submitting to publishers, I get scared.

Okay, "scared" is an understatement. I get terrified, anxious, frightened, petrified, alarmed. Putting yourself and your work out there is a big step; it gives other people permission to analyze, judge and, in a competitive world such as this one, most of the time reject something you've poured your heart into. So when I even think about opening myself up to that, discouragement is never far behind. It says, "Why submit? Even if you're talented (and who really knows if you are or not?), the chance of publication is slight. Might as well give up now."

And sometimes I almost do.

But then I remember that every single book I've ever read came from a person who, at one time, was in the exact same place I am right now. Every single one of my favorite authors, poets, and playwrights was once just a person who loved to write--someone who thought maybe--just maybe--he or she had a strong voice and a story worth telling. I'm no different than they were. And neither are you.

You love to write. You have a strong voice. Your story is worth telling. Don't give up now.