Quote of the Day—Kurt Vonnegut

This could mean trouble for those of us in the business of fiction, couldn't it? Novelists, playwrights, poets, screenwriters, actors… We all pretend to be people we aren't—sometimes all at once! Personally, when I get really into writing a character, I sometimes find myself picking up that character's mannerisms and using them in reality. That may not always be a good thing...

Today I'm not asking a question. Instead, I've decided to start including a daily prompt with these quotes. It may not always include writing fiction; it could be an activity and a response, etc. Either way, a prompt is always good exercise! 

Today's prompt: Spend 15-20 minutes as one of your characters—one who is least like you. Only do and say things that character would do and say. Did you learn anything new about your character? How will this help you write him/her in the future? Respond in the comments section.

Looking forward to hearing about your pretend adventures!