Quote of the Day—E.L. Doctorow

For me, writing is always a learning process. I find that as I go through a novel, story, or poem, I discover more--not only about my characters, but also about myself. The world I live in and the world I create are also subject to this process. Some of this knowledge is gained by research, some by intuition or introspection. Either way, I always end up far better educated than I was before!

What kind of things do you discover when you write, and how?

Today's Prompt: You're a lowly crew member on a ship, traveling across the sea on an exploratory adventure. One day, as you're gliding across the water, the ship lurches over some inexplicable obstacle, tossing everyone on board into the water--everyone except you. Write a short story describing the experience and what you do/discover once the rest of the crew has gone overboard.

Once you've finished, share your story in the comments section below!

Happy Writing! KC