Quote of the Day--Meg Rosoff

Reflection My brain is not functioning today. Though I didn't really sleep, I somehow managed to wake up covered in children and have been covered in children (and all the lovely things that come with children) ever since. So I have nothing insightful or personal to add to the quote of today. If I wrote something right now, it would deeply reflect an exhausted mother who is just now eating breakfast with a cup of lukewarm coffee while her toddler runs around without any pants on and her 4 month old watches a Taylor Swift music video on repeat (He never cries when "Shake it Off" is on. Thanks, T-Swift).

I live for mornings (afternoons) like this.

Today's Prompt: Write a short piece of satire (300 words or less) centered around your least favorite political figure, historical or current. Hitler is excluded.

Post your piece in the comments below!


PS-- I'm probably having microwave popcorn for lunch today.