Quote of the Day—Jack London

How many of us are guilty of this? I've definitely been subject to the whole "I haven't written in a week, but I just haven't been inspired" thing. Many of us writers don't have bosses looking over our shoulder, making sure we do our work. No one is making schedules for us or giving us ideas. We are self-propelled, which is a good thing, but can also make productivity harder to achieve. Sometimes that lack of accountability can equal procrastination, laziness, and a whole lot of excuses. Well. No more excuses! Find inspiration somewhere, whether it's in your own brain or in a song, a movie, the work of a writer you love. Just go out and get it! In fact, today I'm going to look for a quote that really makes me want to write. Tomorrow I'll post it as the quote of the day.

Today's prompt: In the spirit of London's quote, force inspiration to come to you. Write a short piece of fiction set in a place generally uninspiring: the Office of Motor Vehicles.

Post your response in the comments!