Quote of the Day—Maya Angelou

You know that feeling when something amazing happens to you and you just have to tell someone? Or that feeling when you get an idea for a new novel or short story and you know you just have to start this new project? For me, that's a so-exciting-it's-almost-painful feeling. Tight-chested, butterflies, invincible, yet vulnerable—the works. Honestly, the feeling I get when I think of a new story to tell is very similar to the feeling of falling in love. I think that's what Maya Angelou was talking about. I can't imagine not being able to tell my story—having that feeling all the time and then not being able to do anything about it. That definitely would be agony. I believe that, like in a relationship, once a story gets started and matures, that feeling starts to change. Not that it's not still love (because it is), but it just becomes steadier. And that's because we aren't meant to have that so-exciting-it-hurts feeling forever—after a while the excitement would wear off and only hurt would remain. An unwritten story is like unrequited love. Ultimately we have to take the leap; go deeper or give up. We have to tell somebody.

Today's Prompt: Has there been a story brewing inside of you? Have you felt what Angelou described? Do something about it! Get started and write the opening to your untold story.

Share it in the comments or if you'd rather, keep it to yourself. Either way, get writing!