Quote of the Day-- Douglas Adams

worldmapquote The other day my husband, who writes children's books, was wondering out loud how I could manage to finish three novels. He (supposedly) can't even imagine doing something that extensive--planning a story and getting something out from beginning to end. I told him there was a time when I couldn't imagine ever finishing a novel either, which is true. I also told him that even when I have an idea in my head, it seems that, in a way, the novel writes itself. It's like the story just exists and I'm simply the tool being used to write it down. So as you can imagine (and maybe some of you don't have to imagine because you've experienced it yourself), this quote rings very true to me. I'm always happier with the way a story turns out than I was with the way I planned to write it. Somehow, my writing always ends up where it needs to be, even when I had no idea it needed to be there.

So have you experienced this? Do you let the story "write itself" or do you stick to your plans? How does your method work for you?

Today's Prompt: Make a plot treatment, planning a short story from beginning to end. Then start writing. Did the story go where you expected it to or did it deviate? Did it end up better or worse than you imagined?

Post your response in the comments, along with your plot treatment and story, if you'd like! Happy Writing!