Quote of the Day—Joseph Addison

I try not to make broad, generalized statements, but here I will: this quote is true for every single person. Not only does reading stimulate your intellect, but also your imagination. It inspires you. It grows your vocabulary. It teaches you about language, culture, human nature. Everyone should read. And if this is true for everyone, it's doubly true for writers. You must read stories in order to learn how to create them! Every time you pick up a book, you hone your writing skills. Simple as that. If you're having a dry writing spell, try reading something instead and see what happens. After all, you wouldn't run a marathon without training or play in a championship game without tossing the ball around a little first, right? Read. It's exercise. It's valuable. Read. Strengthen your mind and skills, and then create something that will help others strengthen their minds and skills. Read!

Today's Prompt: Read a short story or a chapter from your favorite novel. Then write your own short story or work on your current work in progress. How did reading help you write?

Comment below with what you read and the result! Happy writing!