Quote of the Day—Ernest Hemingway

Another great snippet of wisdom from Hemingway. A character isn't worth reading if he/she doesn't become a real person to the reader. It's hard to care about the fate of something that isn't alive, after all. The most effective way to follow this particular piece of advice, in my opinion, is to base characters on flesh-and-blood people you know—or even people you don't know. Writers can't be just writers. We have to be readers, listeners, watchers. We have to observe the real in order to make our creations realistic. So if you need to write a person, look at people. Observe them. What are the little things that make them unique and give them dimension? Do they cross their arms often; say "you know" at the end of every phrase; breathe loudly through their noses? It's details like this that make people human, and ultimately, will make your characters human too.

Today's Prompt: pay a visit to your local library and choose a person to observe. Learn about this person through his or her mannerisms. Who do you imagine he/she is based on the actions you've observed? Write a short story centered around this person.

Post your story in the comments! Happy Writing!