Teach Your Children to Read (Quote of the Day)

I was about four years old when I learned to read, and I haven't stopped since. There's no limit--from one of the great classics to a shampoo bottle while I'm in the shower, I read anything I can get my hands on. My appetite for written words is unsatisfiable (and can I get an amen on the shampoo bottle thing? Because I know I'm not the only one who does that).

Sadly, it seems that the number of people who share that appetite is dwindling. I keep seeing articles about the decline of reading, and I have to wonder: what is the world coming to?

We need to teach our young people to love literature as much as we do, folks. If not, the literary world as we know it will change for good. If this quote is true (and I believe it is), an absence of good readers will result in fewer good writers, which will then lead to even less readers. It's a vicious cycle that we can stop. Teach your children to read, not as a chore or some kind of homework, but as a wonderful, irreplaceable way of life.

Today's Prompt: Think of your favorite kids' or young adult book. Now write a compelling paragraph or two describing what this book is and why you love it. Try to convince anyone reading your words that they should read and love this book too.

Happy writing!