Sharing through Writing (Quote of the Day)

Well I missed my quote of the day yesterday, but for good reason! In the wee hours of Sunday morning I had to take a trip to the emergency room. I had some stomach thing that left me severely dehydrated and with some kidney issues. Fortunately I'm okay; but it'll take me a while to get back to 100% capacity, so my blogs will probably be short and sweet for the next few days.

See what I did there? The whole "sharing" thing? That's human nature. Something happened to me and I wanted to share it, much like I want to share my thoughts—little pieces of myself—through my writing. We all share, in whatever way we can. For some of us it's through novels. For others it's poetry or visual art. We all have a story to tell. The question is, how do we tell it?

Today's Prompt: Write a story or poem based on an important event in your life—one that shaped who you are today.

Happy Writing!