Utilizing Metaphor in Writing (Poetry Prompt/Quote of the Day)

Instead of a quote, I've decided to share one of my own poems with you today. I wrote this a couple years ago in response to a prompt similar to the one I'll give you today, and I've carried it with me ever since! Funny how writing prompts can turn out some of our favorite work, isn't it?

The point of this prompt is to write about one thing without really writing about that thing. In other words: utilizing metaphor. Metaphor is a wonderful tool for the writer. It enhances narrative as well as poetry, and gives a beautiful depth that you just can't get from a completely straightforward approach (or at least that's my humble opinion).

If the text in the image is unclear to anyone, here it is again:

Morning mist like milk surrounds us.
We drink it; bathe in it
until the sun dries our bones.
Even after it has evaporated into midday
our clothes cling to us
as we cling to one another,
saturated with the memory of dawn.

In some approaching hour
twilight will drip on us like honey:
thick, sweet, and golden.
By dark it will have trickled to our feet
and we will stand in puddles of nectar,
soaked through and waiting;
Anticipating midnight's silent arrival.

At that moment I will hold to you,
recall daybreak, and say assured,
"I loved you well in morning mist,
but now I love you better."

So now that you've seen my take, here's the prompt itself. Have fun with this one!

Today's Prompt: Write a poem about change, growth, and the passage of time. You may not use any form of the words "change," "growth," or "time."

Happy Writing!