The Gift of Writing (Quote of the Day)

I've always said one reason I write is because I hope to one day make someone else feel what other writers and books have made me feel. I think that's the gift Amy Tan is talking about here. That feeling—that caught up, swept away, drowning, but totally invincible feeling—that comes when reading a good book is something only an author can give. To me, a story is priceless. After all, how can you measure the worth of something that was built out of someone's heart? Something that allows you to see the world through someone else's eyes, or to see another world altogether? Stories are magic incarnate; there's no better gift you could receive. 

And to be able to provide that magic for someone? Well, as far as gifts go, it's a close second.

Today's Prompt: You arrive home to find a mysterious box on your doorstep, a card attached with your name on it. The card also says, "Open immediately or not at all." What do you do?

Happy Writing!