Casualties and Character Growth (Quote of the Day)

When I saw this quote today, it reminded me of a similar sentiment I saw just yesterday: another quote posted by my friend Michael Bacera.

Here is the quote image he posted:

Obviously this is a common feeling among writers, and for good reason. Life comes with suffering; it comes with casualties. We all know pain, because pain is a distinct part of being human. To a large degree, our pain makes us who we are. So how could we possibly write characters who don't know pain? If we did, our stories would lack the realism and relatability that render them worth reading. I would even venture to say that suffering is what makes readers care about a character; it evokes empathy. We can look at a character's pain and say, "I've been there. I know what that feels like, and I'm rooting for you." Maybe we're rooting for them because in some way, seeing them triumph gives us hope that we'll triumph too.

Everywhere, suffering exists. But out of suffering comes hope, endurance, growth, and victory. Our stories need those things. For all of us who have characters who are real people to us, pain is there in those characters' lives, waiting to be discovered. We just have to write it.

Today's Prompt: Write a story that includes a death.

Happy (or unhappy) Writing!