Defining your Writing (Quote of the Day)

  We all have things in our life that influence our writing: habits, activities, knowledge, personal experience, little idiosyncrasies. Your writing could be made up of a thousand elements that all come together to define your style. Ryszard Kapucinski picked three: travel (exploration), reading literature on the subject, and reflection. So if you had to pick three—three elements that make your writing what it is—what would they be? Personally, I don't have the luxury of traveling much, since traveling takes time and money and children essentially eat all of that. However, I have deep roots in a place with a rich, widely variegated culture: south Louisiana. My home has definitely had an impact on my writing, so there's element one. For the second, yes, I also read literature on subjects I'm not well versed in, but as someone who gravitates towards fantasy, sci-fi, and the supernatural, my ability to imagine often plays a larger role than my ability to learn about what already exists. So imagination is element two. When it comes to the third element, I too choose reflection. Half of my writing process simply comes down to thinking. I reflect upon the characters, the settings, the conflicts. I reflect until I'm certain my story is the way it's meant to be, and then I write down the product of those reflections.

So there you have my writing in a nutshell: personal history/home, imagination, and reflection. Which three would you choose?

Today's prompt: Identify three elements that define your writing. Then write a short story in which you conciously utilize these elements. Did your writing process feel the same as usual or different? After writing your story, do you think you chose the "correct" elements, or did you notice anything else playing a larger role in your writing process?

Happy Writing!