Dealing with Deadlines (Quote of the Day)

  I'm officially setting a deadline for myself. Historically, this is a bad idea. Deadlines for me equate to all-nighters and intravenous lines of caffeine (Joking. Kind of.). Nevertheless, it's time to make another attempt. I've decided to finish my current novel by Labor Day: September 7. That's 12 weeks from yesterday. If I can write 1-2 chapters a week until then, I will meet my goal! All that remains is to see if I can actually be disciplined enough to pace myself, or if I'll spend September 6 speed-writing the last ten chapters. So how do you feel about deadlines? Do they help you achieve your goals or  do they put too much pressure on you? Maybe you're like me and tend to forget they exist—until you hear that whooshing sound, that is.

Today's prompt: A massive comet is going to hit Earth in twelve hours, and for some reason your main character is the only one who can stop it. What does he/she do? Does he/she meet the deadline or let the world be destroyed?

Happy Writing!