Breathe, Cry Out, Sing (Communicating Through Art)

 Breathe. Cry out. Sing. Art is above all, a form of communication. Whether it's writing, painting, photography, dance, etc.—it's all about expressing what you need to say. It's a way of telling the world what's inside you; what's important to you; how you feel. And people consume art because they want to hear what's being told. We identify with art because we all have something to say—even if we don't know how to say it. Artists are just the people who have figured that out: how to express what's inside, whether through words, pictures, or action. When their art is experienced, we can hear the breaths, cries, and songs that went into it. That's what makes the art worthwhile. So as writers, that's what we should aspire to: to have readers experience our emotions through our words; to beathe; to cry out; to sing. If we can't do that, we might as well not write at all. Because otherwise, what good is our writing?

Today's Prompt: Recall a sample of writing that was very emotional for you to write. Locate it and post it in the comments below. Share your emotions with the rest of us through the sample.

Happy Writing (or rather, sharing)!