A Story Only You Can Tell

  You could live an experience exactly like another person—be in the same place, with the same people, witnessing the same things—and still have a different story to tell. That's where individualism comes into writing. Let's face it: there's nothing new under the sun. Most stories come down to the same few core subjects: good versus evil, falling in love, self-growth, etc. But year after year, books come out. They keep enrapturing us, even if we've read the basic subject matter a million times before. And the reason for that is because no one tells any story the same way. Everyone has a unique perspective that transforms age-old topics into new adventures. If nothing else, you have something that only you can offer to the world of literature. You are the only one who can tell your story. So tell it, because it's the only way we will ever hear what you have to say.

Today's Prompt: Write this story. Two characters, Bill and Catherine from Louisiana, are vacationing in Oregon and visit Tamolitch Pool (pool pictured below). After exploring a bit, Bill decides to take a dive from a cliff into the pool. But when he does, he doesn't come back up. Catherine realizes he's in trouble, jumps in after him and (after quite a struggle) manages to get him to shore. She begins administering CPR and...

The wrap-up is for you to choose.

Here are the relevant photos:


Here is a link to more information about the area if you're interested: http://www.eugeneoutdoors.com/tamolitch-pool/

Happy Writing! KC