My Imaginary Library (Quote of the Day)

Funny to think that we today could have so much in common with a dead ex-president, huh? I love books. But Thomas Jefferson was next-level hardcore in his book obsession, I have to admit. His library at Monticello has been described as having "several thousand volumes classed according to subject and language..." (Sir Augustus John Foster). THOUSANDS Of books. Cue my jealousy. I wish I had the space and money for that; I wish I had a whole room to devote to a growing library, complete with a Beauty-and-the-Beast-style rolling ladder. Life would be utterly complete (though my library never would)! So does anyone else have the same Disney-inspired life goal? What kind of books would you put in your library? Maybe you'll give me some ideas. ;)

Today's Prompt: Write a short story that takes place in a public library.

Happy Writing!