Weaving Dreams Into Reality

 When I was young, I had this recurring dream. In the dream, I was walking through a forest on a path that eventually led to a lake. There was no bridge; just a pier on either side. I knew that my home was on the other side of the lake, but I was stuck—until a whale swam up and offered me a ride on his back. From this point, the dream could go one of two ways. One: I would make it safely across and then wake up. Two: the whale would toss me up in the air, open gaping jaws, and gobble me down. In the latter scenario, I would shoot up in bed, wanting to go see mommy. But I was too panicked to move—convinced that water was all around me (whale included). It was terrifying, but when night gave way to day, it became terrifyingly interesting to my eager mind. That dream turned into the first story I ever wrote. It bridged the gap between the dream world and the realm of reality, and made them into one world. I've never been the same. Every now and then I still have dreams that turn into material for my stories. They're more sophisticated now, but in ways they're basically the same—they require the same creative process and they come from the same place. I'm happy to call myself both a writer and a dreamer, and so grateful to live in this dream-reality-hybrid world. Everything is richer here, and I can't imagine it any other way.

Have you written a story based on a dream before? Something that changed the world you live in? I'd love to read it if you'd like to share!

Today's prompt: Write a story based on your most memorable dream. Try to keep the plot as similar to the dream as possible.

Happy Writing!