The Anti-Formula of Story Writing

 My husband always reads the last line of a book before he begins. I never "got" it, but I've heard of other people doing this too. Some writers figure out the end of their stories before even beginning, which I've never been able to manage. I just wing it as I go along. I'm a straightforward, beginning-middle-end kind of person. But the amazing part of being a storyteller is that there are no rules. Even the rules of grammar, which I hold as sacred, can be bent for the right reasons. This flexibility is something unique to artists. Mathematicians have to follow a formula to get the right results. Scientists have to be certain of which chemicals will explode when mixed together. Not following the rules equals failure. 

For writers, there is no formula. You might hear that a story should follow a specific pattern, and there are people who tout that as absolute truth. But they're wrong. The average reader isn't looking to see if you have the right amount of plot points in the right places—they're just looking for something that speaks to them. So let that be your goal, whether your story begins with a beginning or ends with a middle.

Today's Prompt: Write a short story that begins with the ending. Work your way back to the beginning and conclude there.

Happy Writing!