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Here's to the Children's Authors

Here's one for you children's authors out there. "Props" to y'all, because writing for tiny humans is definitely not my forte. My husband on the other hand, who worked in the Children's Room of the Library for something like eight years, understands the world of children's fiction. He actually authored a children's book himself: Gator in a Tree. The most I could contribute to that project was my graphic design skills, which were used to format everything (at least I did a good job there!). Needless to say, having seen the process of making a kids' book and now having kids of my own to read to, I admire anyone who writes for children. There's a real skill in making something as utterly complex and simple as a child's book. It's a skill I'm not quite comfortable in, but perhaps one day I'll improve. Here's to you!

Today's Prompt: Write a children's story that begins with the line: "Henry the Balloon Man was missing from the park today."

Happy Writing!