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Tasting Life Twice

img_5830 When I read this quote, my first thought was of writing and reliving the times in our lives we would like to taste again: any memory warm, savory or sweet. To be able to experience these memories through writing is a gift, to say the least--but sweetness is not the only taste. The majority of people who write don't just taste the "good stuff" twice; they taste bitterness. They taste straight cocoa powder and drink vinegar and week-old spoiled milk. And they do it on purpose. Having already tasted it once, they do it all again for the sake of the stories that need telling.

If you ask me, there's a bravery in that: knowing from experience something will turn your stomach, but revisiting it just the same. It takes courage to live painful experiences all over again rather than shutting them away where you never have to think about them again. I consider that courage a gift as well, right along with the ability to taste the sweet times again. Without it, our writing would be superficial. Stories can't be made of love scenes and happy endings-- there would be no depth. We have to include bitterness if our readers are going to relate--if we want anything good to come of our writing at all. And that's the goal, isn't it? For our writing to have an impact somehow?

So I, for one, am glad to taste life twice, even if it includes some sour bits.

Today's Prompt: Write a short, murder-mystery style story that takes place at an upscale wine tasting.

Happy Writing!