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A Week of Rest: Day 1 (Quote of the Day)

My husband is cashing in some vacation time, so he and I are both taking a much needed "week of rest." For me, that means resting from everything—including my daily blogging activities. All you'll see from me until Monday, May 18 will be the daily quote and prompt—no insights included. And as usual, I'll be absent altogether on Sundays. 

This resting thing is a challenge for me, as I'm chronically busy—perhaps even impulsively so. Let's see if I can make it 'til Monday without casting my two cents into the blogosphere!

Today's Prompt: Two people find themselves stuck in the rain together. Not only are they having very unfortunate luck in finding shelter, they also can't stand one another. Write a story centered around their predicament. 

Happy Writing! I'll see you all when I've rested appropriately (if I can allow myself to do so, that is)!