Original photo by Rachel A.K.

Ourselves and Others

(Currently seeking publication)

When a series of bad judgments and misunderstandings leads to her involuntary commitment to a psychiatric facility, Juniper Rose meets James, a nineteen year old boy with a cheerfully morbid view of life and death. Having suffered from a crushing depression for months, Juniper's mental state subtly begins to improve within the structured environment of the hospital while James, who refuses to recognize his own illness, has no plans to recover. The two of them form a friendship, but once her commitment has ended, Juniper leaves the psychiatric ward without looking back. She has the express intention of never seeing James againuntil he shows up at her workplace two weeks later and she finds herself drawn into a tumultuous relationship: one that will prove to be either the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to her, or the most dangerous.

**Based on true events.



Excerpt from Ourselves and Others, Chapter 9:

Alright there, Reg?” It's James' voice behind me. I turn to find him walking towards us, his face pink and new-looking. Will stands at his side, clearly exhausted. His shift must be just about over now.

“Wake up late?” I ask.

“Nope.” James grins and tilts his head towards Will. “Supervised shave. How do I look?”

“Like a brand new baby,” Anton grumbles. “An ugly one.”

James laughs and just keeps walking past our table. I watch him until he stops at the dispensary. From his body language and the smile plastered on his face, I'd say he doesn't waste any time in teasing Nurse Dough Ball. She turns about twenty shades of red and fumbles with the medicine.

When I return my attention to the table, Anton is staring at me shrewdly. “You like him or somethin'?”

The question catches me off guard. Flustered, I stutter, “What? No. Don't be ridiculous.”

He leans back in his chair and raises that one eyebrow again, studying me as carefully as one might study his homework. “Mmhmm… Listen honey, that boy is bad news. You better watch out.”

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